Learnt to sail over forty years ago with the sea scouts on the Marine lake, West Kirby, UK. Have been into dinghy sailing since owning two International Canoes, Two Lasers, an RS Vision, a Streaker and now a 1967 MK1 Gull.

Seeing a picture of an International Canoe aged 11ish got me interested in boat design and resulted in an obsession for Proas – details in posts.

Also designed and built a 12’ x 30” canoe which has undergone a few sailing configurations, again details in posts.

Had a variety of careers from Merchant Navy officer, own boat design company (developed my first Proa), Sales, domestic irrigation fitter, Teacher and Design Engineer.

I’m currently renovating the Gull to a save and robust cruising dinghy. I also race my Laser when I can