Brave enough to scarf


Finally brave enough and had the time to scarf together the planks, have done one side. Used a laser line to line up the two halves will the sighting lines. These lines are in the original cad, and drilled through the template and ultimately the panels. Two of the joints do not butt up correctly leaving a 5mm gap at one end. I figure the sighting lines are more accurate than the ends of the panels. I will not use the sighting lines for the second side just make them identical to the first. That should result in a side to side symmetry without much trouble but a doubt it will be accurate to the design lines. Hopefully I am over thinking this, people seam to throw stitch and glue boats with relative ease. Anyway all glassed up with one layer of 75mm tape over 50mm. Peel ply squeegeed down, polyethylene, a board, clamps and weights. Cooking away with a radiator under a whole load of insulation.

Epoxy total 36ml

Build time total 9 hours

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