Improving not winning

Joining a new club gets you thinking about classes etc. The largest single handed fleet are probably the Solos but this Sunday there where two plastic Streakers. I re-looked at the top crew weights for the top five helms over the last few years. The average is still coming out at that magical 73kg that it was a while back. That said there are a handful up at 80kg odd and a 105kg. The class recommendation is 63 to 83kg. So at 85kg I am over but still in the ball park. I have a theory that in importance it goes boat handling, crew weight and then the boat. I have still work to do on boat handling.

I concluded than rather than consider a change of class the Streaker is still the best class and loosing a bit of weight and getting fitter will keep me sailing to an older age than acceptance of the weight and changing class.

The Solos are a bit slower than the Streaker as are Radials which gives me a good number of boats about the same speed. The plan is therefore to focus on two or three things each race to improve and benchmark my improvement with the other boats.

I have also started getting serious about my weight, targeting about 1kg a week which is achievable with a 1000 calorie deficit each day. I have lost 3kg in the first 25days of the year. I have now started using the Fitbit to log it all and this is my first 3 days

Yes it a bit tough but not too tough, the weekends are always the issue.

Back in 2017 I got down to 78kg with the highest this Christmas 88kg and a five year average of 83kg.

I am enjoying the racing and as it now possible all year hopefully I will be more focused and not suffer the winter slump.

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