Iki Wa’a – rigging

A few details of Iki Wa’a s rig, simple boomless standing lug.

The halyard goes though the block at the top of the mast, down to a thimble tie to the yard and around the mast to be secured to the front of the yard with a bobble knot. This arrangement keeps the yard close to the mast as the sail is raised and lowered. The thimble is tied to the yard with a rolling hitch so doesn’t move.

The halyard is cleated with a spinloc cam cleat, because it’s what I had, which is great as it is easy to cleat and more importantly released. The down haul is fixed as I get enough luff tension with the halyard.

The tail of the halyard is the main sheet so I always have the halyard in my hand.

The whole rig is kept as one unit, yard put against the mast sail rolled around the spars and halyard used to keep it tidy. There is no rigging required to set the rig up, everything is ready to go.

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