Off the grid steaming

image image

Gunwales wrapped in wet rags and sealed into bin bags and cooking.

I attempted fitting the gunwales but they would not quite take the twist so I am attempting to make them more flexible by a sort of steaming. The pine has been wrapped in wet rags and then sealed in taped bin bags. This has been put on the shed which facing South is a sun trap. The bag was very warm at mid day. I have ordered more clamps and attempt to fit to the canoe when these arrive.


Have also been sanding both the inside and outside of the hull with, glass paper, sanding blocks and delta sander. Going well but it is a long job, figure the more I sand the lighter the canoe. With the gunwales it now weighs in at 10 kg. The panels at both ends are a bit crocked, one end worse than the other, not going to fuss about it too much. I could add lots of filler and get it looking OK but I rather have light wonky boat than inflated ego.

Build time total 50 hours

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