Scarfs in June

Finished that last internal taped seam (ish) still near to complete the little bits between the bow and the carbon. Going to clean up all the inside, there are some areas where the tape needs cutting away and I will add more tape to repair and add the last tape at the same time. Half way through the job I switched from West to SP, wet on wet hopefully it will be OK.

I have also scarfed together the pine for the gunwale, I made a simple router jig and Gorilla glue rather than epoxy. Another of my numpty errors, I only bought enough pine for the inwale or outwale. Thinking I may just laminate Kevlar onto the outside of the pine. Kevlar/Epoxy is 7 times stiffer than pine.

Build time total 46hours

Epoxy total 1,524ml

image image image image

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