3/4 and some experiments

Easier day at work and more laminating of the chines. Tried a few variations, had read a blog saying don’t use a glassing table, which would always be my normal method so have not so far. So laminated 3 more 1/8ths.

1. Wet out on table both the 50 and 75mm together and folded to about 300mm in length, ended up a bit wobbly

2. Wet out on table the 50 and 75 mm separately and rolled – worked well

3. Wet out  the 50mm on the table and then in place the 75mm over the 50 in place, OK but not as good as 2, hard work to wet out.

using the glassing table is much quicker, easier and I think uses less resin that wetting out in place. You also avoid dripping the resin from the brush as you wet out. I have used 100mm peel ply over the top of all the tape and rolled well so I don’t think I have put too much resin in the laminate.

Build time total 44hours

Epoxy total 1380ml

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