TP03 – the last one…..

Still sketching and a few years later I designed another concept that would work. Essentially a mirror of TP02, two sails and one board. The board was mounted so it could move fore and aft along the side of the main hull. Two balanced lug sails on free standing masts, all built onto the TP02 platform.

This was a shoe string project, sails made of Polytarp, seating platform a gate. But it worked. The sails could be trimmed independently so I could manoeuvre when stationary. The board was pulled to a set position, the forward sail cleated and by fine trim on the board position and aft sail steered.

This is the video of the last time he sailed, proas are Male

There are a lot more videos on the channel but this one is the highlights

Where I sail I was restricted in when I could sail (not when racing or training on) and to further develop the design I would have needed proper sails. I wasn’t sure how much life was left in the ‘disposable’ hulls so TP03 eventually went on the bonfire.

I think I can confidently say that I had successfully developed a working single handed proa and have now got the Proa itch out of my system.

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