In the South

Well we have moved, done Christmas and New Year, I have had one sail in very light winds, first race boat wasn’t set up right and second was doing OK and then just stopped.

Tried to go again for a potter and well, not a lot of wind

Went for a bit of a cycle along the Kennet and Avon, some good canoeing to be had. Need to figure out how to enter and exit the canoe from a half meter ‘dock’

Part of the reason for my poor light wind performance may well be being well over weight for the Streaker, has been a bad year health wise and well things have slipped. Anyway new year etc etc, been out to find my new burn route. Back up north I had a route which was about the same as a spin class. Been out today, and this is one of many I could take from the house feels spot on. Ninety percent on tracks, glorious countryside, kite souring above me so fitness and nature.

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