New Boat

New, to me, Laser bought a few weeks ago. Rationale, an economic way to get a competitive boat plus being on the light side should be competitive in the light winds of Burghfield. Three weeks of storms has delayed the test sail but with a forecast of 13knots seamed ideal. It wasn’t 13 knots for most of the day.

So I didn’t complete a race but attempted two. A few issues

  • Tiller too low and stopped by the traveler cleat
  • Toe strap close to breaking (vendor had given me a replacement
  • Controls not sorted, outhaul tail got completely jammed in main sheet ratchet

But mainly, my sailing in those conditions in a Laser needs…. practice

It did have an awesome downwind journey in some strong stuff with multiple perfect gybes. At my weight at 73kg, if I don’t go in, the boat is a rocket. Despite issues a fantastic day.

Gybe imminent
Well this isn’t the plan
I can recover this
Dry capsize?

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