Hit my target today

Five years ago I bought a Streaker because the ideal crew weight was the weight I wanted to be. I think the graph tells the tale. Haven’t got a clue where I found out about keto but started low carb a little over year ago and full keto a bit later. I stopped in June because of terrible cramping and started again in September.

My top takes on keto

Read as much as you can about keto and listen to podcasts and watch YouTube. If you know why it works and what carbs are doing you are just eat the right stuff.

Track you weight by weekly averages, my weight fluctuates a lot in the week, do the daily weigh in and then ignore it.

Get the electrolytes right, I weigh out my salt in the morning, I swallow it with water throughout the day. I use the details bit of carb manager to check what I am getting and then supplement to make up. Magnesium Citrate was the on that finally cured the cramps.

My palette changes, sometimes I like cream sauces sometimes it makes me nauseous and I need a few weeks off the cream. I do well with butter and lemon juice, just makes it less fatty.

Having a non keto family and the cook batch cooking is a must.

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