Found my Niche

Burghfield blast today – not quite a blast with five knot highs. Great event 6 races about 12 mins each. Had some truly awful results from simply loosing the wind but chuffed with a first and two thirds and a third overall, ten boats.

Always looked at my leach and though it looked a bit tight. After the races PRO Matt Mee 200 champion and nearly an Olympian shouted ease your kick, no more, now more. The sail looked much better but sadly the breeze completely died before I could fully appreciate the difference, something for next time. The big focus moving forward is mark rounding, dropped four places at one rounding and finished 35seconds behind boats I was ahead of.

Also back, third week, on Keto, feeling good and loosing weight. Also doing a 12 minute workout each work day week, focusing on core, hip flexibility and some upper body stuff

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