Duel Fuel Stove

Another wet and windy day and I decided to build a stove. I had been thinking about it for a while so had been scavenging bits. I would have liked to build a jet stove but didn’t quite have the parts.

The design is ultra simple, two half cylinders of alloy extrusion. These are held together with a piece of 5mm stud and for wood there is an elevated grate.

For the second fuel I built a penny alcohol stove, plans readily available on the net.

I first tested with the meths burner. Didn’t put enough fuel in to start and then two much, with the heat expanding the meths it overflowed.

It did however give a fantastic heat and boiled about 300ml of water in about 3 minutes.

Next wood, didn’t really have anything to start a fire properly so eventually used the remaining meths. Again a good heat but after a couple of minutes with the pan on top it had burnt though all the fuel and gone out.


The meths burner is probably equal to my gas stove but do need the research a little more on the best way to fill.

Using wood as a fuel is more authentic but more hassle and unless you’re careful it can burn though the fuel very quickly. I would be nice as a post meal compact fire.

The stove I’d pretty compact and at 275g, less fuel not bad, not titanium firebox standard but ok for scavenger bits.


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