Gull restoration – has started

Quick rewind. About 3 months ago won my first eBay action for a 1967 (+/- a year or two) MK2 Gull in GRP, £360. Have sailed her over the summer and created a big job list of renovations.

First sail

Renovation started yesterday,
The foredeck is off. As I had suspected evidence of leaking over time, bow fitting block rotten. The foam buoyancy blocks where only loosely bonded in an lower one sodden. Not sure the point of the bigger blocks most their volume above the centre board case. There was four litres of water in the bottom which had no way of removal.

Deck off, note the rust
This was the water in the bottom with no way of removing – it was all under the lower block

Next I removed various fittings so I can tidy up the the deck and replace the shroud plates that are inset behind the sides of the front thwart. Two hours to remove four bolts. Tough access and brass nuts on stainless bolts.

Finished for the day with all but the toe straps removed – a great day and thought it might sound like a wreak of a boat everything in general sound and yes it needs work but I have this vision on a fantastic boat.

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