The hatch plan has been hatched

But first last nights jobs. The various blocks to support the rowlocks and cleats have been epoxied in along with the long strips that are under the gunwale to repair where the jib track was. Have also started, using polyester car body filler, P38, on the various dents and cracks. Also filleted with epoxy / colloidal silica the seat upright / hull joint.

So, after 3 days of the DHL tracking saying my hatches were out for delivery they were, finally delivered. Lots of careful measuring and a bit of fettling and the hatch hole was cut. Nice tight fit.

Measure twice cut once

Inside there was the foam block, which as the bow, was partly glassed in but mainly exposed foam. Some areas were wet and the tank was still wet in the bottom despite a number of weeks drying in late summer temperatures.

The inside will need a good amount of cleaning to ensure there are no sharps and the lip of the hatch will probably need some reinforcements.

The tank is cavernous or at least enough for most of my heavy kit. Still planning what to do with the bow which will take the light stuff.

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