Mixing Resin

Started the day by cutting the various bits of wood I will need

Teak infill block that will allow for through bolting of mooring cleat
Thin strip of cedar for underside of gunwale where the track was, this will have Kevlar tape bonded to the underside. Block of teak to support rowlock sockets.

Next on the some epoxy work. Using Sicomin SR5550 with SD5503, slow hardener. Repairs are a mix of epoxy with carbon cloth, Kevlar tape, glass tape, low density filler, colloidal silica and chopped carbon fibres. Peel ply and parcel tape to finish where possible.

Damaged shroud plate area, gap filled with epoxy, colloidal silica and chopped carbon fibres before adding the cloth.
Thwart area, multiple positions
Peel ply and tape to help finish
Tape would not hold everywhere
Centreboard case, joint with hull also tapped after filling the worst of the hollows
Kevlar on the cedar to reinforce the gunwales

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