The Birkett

Awesome weekend, Friday night thunder and lightning and lots or rain, great camping weather. Saturday lots of wind and big waves, the ride back was quick, I never knew a streaker could throw up such a stern wave. Quarter of the fleet didn’t finish so I was chuffed just to survive. Sunday was a nice breeze at the to begin with, I got the best start of my life, but there was a general recall. Second start same strategy going well until some hot shot in a 49r (men’s Olympic class) and I tangled out rigging. Went well after that, after an hour and a half I was the lead Streaker when going left failed and I sailed into a hole. The wind wind was very up and down after that. It was great to be back at Ullswater especially with the great Scaling crowd, and we one the Dalesman trophy – largest visiting club. I can 139th out of 232 entries – well chuffed. The top 20 is full of multiple word champions.    

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