Four Session

Busy and did four sessions

1, glued the other out-whale on

2, trimmed to top of the upper strake to the out-whale using the router and profile bit. The out-whale was glued about 0.5mm lower than the strake to allow for a nice flush gunwale. Made and glued in two breast hooks from 12mm ply, these are the minimum size I think will work and have provision of a rope handle. Before gluing made a spreader bar to force the overall width to 30″. Very carefully marked out and cut the double bevel for the yoke. This has worked well and very pleased with in. Made some 4mm ply reinforcements for where the yoke would attach and some brackets for the yoke ends from the yoke off cuts. Have positioned the yoke at 65% LOA. Also sanded the bow / stern ready for the Kevlar outer keel.

3, glued the yoke brackets and reinforcements

4, filled small hollows in the bow area and other obvious areas

Built time total 57 hours

Epoxy total 1,650ml


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