My magic wind


Ever since getting my streaker there has been one sailor I have wanted to beat, (one of the hot shots with a much newer and better boat), I have come close a few times before and today I managed it. We both had good starts and he was leeward and ahead by a few boat lengths. I was going a bit faster but lower, I thought my traveler was way to long and tacked to adjust it. He increased his lead. Later on  first long beat back he was ten to twenty boat lengths apart but I was either lifted or just sailed higher, I was sitting a bit further forward than usual and working very hard keeping the boat VERY FLAT.  By the leeward mark I had a two boat lead. Forget the exact order but we changed positron a couple more times. At one leeward mark he was narrowly ahead but he dropped it on the gybe, he has done this before when I have been close behind. I think he got ahead after this, his mast only briefly touched the water. Final beat and I over took him and extended a good lead, very happy.





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