Sailing Iki Waa

Adding a sailing rig to Iki Waa. Budget is £zero and quite looking forward to that challenge, or may be it will just be proof I am a hoarder. Plentiful supply of alloy tube and a glass windsurfer mast, old IC sails and bits of two for sails and an old IC centre board.

Sail area will be 30sq feet, 3sq metres. The Solway Dory expedition rig is 25sq feet, and Wee Rob is 35sq feet. I also found an article saying that canoe sail area should be length x beam, 12 foot x 2.5 foot = 30sq foot. Looks big on the drawings but I have enough stuff to make a second smaller rig and/or reefing. Sail will be a standing lug because it allows good sail area on spars, low C of E, minimal control lines needed and control of twist to depower. I will use a sprit boom because this eliminates the need to a vang and keeps everything above the mast partner. This is to me critical as I want the rig to be able to rotate 360° for safety. The mainsheet will just be a tail to give instant gust response.

I have agonised via wooden boat forum on the leeboard. I started with the idea of a simple throw board but they seam tricky to tame and though simple actually a lot of hassle to use. This will be an issue on a narrow river. I have finally settled on a single pivoting leeboard on the starboard side. I will start with the old IC board which is heavy so I may end up making a new one.

I have built the lee board bracket or of scrap ply and a bit of cedar. I have used Gorilla glue partly an experiment and partly because I went out to fail before the canoe does. I have resisted my urge to add more in an attempt to strength it, figure I will go out first in light conditions and can assess flexing and add more stiffness as required.



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