12 out of 10

Just copied from a forum post…..

Took my 12′ x 30″ open canoe for a spin for the first time with a sail today. The design of the rig has been inspired by the West Mersea Duck Punt (yes Dylan Winter I know I should have built one, and wish I had, but for moment I have to potter with what I have)
The two aspects I have taken from the duck punt are that the mast is free to swivel 360° and the steering paddle. I tried to lie down more but the yoke got in the way and I have used a pivoting lee board.
It was a very successful day and didn’t have any involuntary swimming to do, the boat was well mannered and able to sail on all points with ease. I have a longer video showing the close hauled work and paddle assisted tacking but I am having difficulty transferring it.
I tried, in shallow water, righting him using a paddle bag. This did not go well, the closest I got to workable solution was to rig the paddle and float and bail until only about 3 inches of water on the bottom. It was still very wobbly when I got back in and paddled. Side buoyancy bags are required. That said I don’t think I got close to a capsize when sailing through constant mainsheet trimming.
I built the rig for light air pottering on a local river and very pleased it meets that brief.




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