Comfi Bum

IMG_3993IMG_4115IMG_4116IMG_4117IMG_4118IMG_3990Mainly been posting in face book because it is simple but feel a numpty posting about the seat there. What has happened recently, canoe wise removed the rig, I could sail it fine but one day it was going to go over and become very messy.

Have simplified it and been getting out as much as I can. Finally made a proper trolley which works great. Have been focusing on consort of the seat as I have been getting some back bottom pain along with leg cramps.

Have used web data to make a lumbar support, simply Velcros onto the proprietary seat and works well. Have just made a new cushion with holes to relieve the pressure on the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. Sat on a chair on foil to get the exact position right, pictures tell the story after that. Not yet tested but seams comfortable.




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