On a mission

I have the Streaker Nationals coming up in June. Streaker helm should be 73kg +/- 10kg. I bought the Streaker because I figured it would keep me light which would ultimately keep me sailing longer. January 1st this year I was 87kg, clearly my plan had failed, but last year was bad year health wise. Anyway week 14 into 2019 and things are heading the right way.

There have been ups and downs but when I stay focused I can loose weight effectively, averaging about half a kg a week. I had found porridge for breakfast and carb free high protein salads (mainly corn, peas and edamame beans) coupled with a good amount of walking worked. The last week I have gone completely carb free Keto Diet which I am still learning but it is having dramatic results. I do expect this to slow and I am still having headaches from ditching the carbs.

Liking the meals, chorizo hash a top breakfast

Also working on the hiking bench. Currently ten sit-ups and rest on a minute interval cycle.

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