Tasty simple Keto

I bought a Keto cook book and it was ridiculously complex, with expensive ingredients, sent it back. Very much liking DrBerg.com site and videos. One article had simple table with fat and servings per portion of some basic ingredients. I have added a bit

So simple meal, head of Broccoli, salmon fried in coconut oil with lots of chilli flakes. Salmon finished in oven while Broccoli tossed in the flying pan to take up the juice, soy sauce added and then served with juice of half a lime. Doubled up so tomorrow’s lunch sorted

This is still a sailing blog, weight is still coming off heading to the magic 73 kg – 79.3 kg this morning a loss of 7.5 kg in a little over 3 months. Did go sailing today and forecast looks good for tomorrow

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