Streaker Nationals

After a lot of hard work on the Streaker the Nationals at the Iconic Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy – 2012 Olympic sailing venue – arrived.

The cockpit has been re-sealed and painted, hull repainted and polished along with foils and a host of little jobs.

My weight, about a week before the event I was getting lots of nightly leg cramps so changed from Keto to a normal diet, in addition I wanted some carb loading. Going into the championships I was about 75kg not far from the 73kg and a big improvement on the 87kg at the start of the year. Have put some weight on since and now going onto a low carb Mediterranean diet.

So the racing. Friday was a steady 20knots with very step short confused waves. We did three back to back races with long legs. I have never sailed in anything close to those conditions for that length of time. I didn’t capsize in the races but did go over a few times hanging about. At the end of the day I was 22nd out of 32, this position mainly due to people retiring or simply not doing all the races.

Saturday was between 25 and 30knots and eventually racing was cancelled for the day

Sunday was light 6 to 8 knots. Simply I did nothing wrong, I got good starts, was on pace down wind, and at times in the grove upwind at other times I was sluggish upwind and my tacks were very rusty. In the end I was 30th, last person who completed all the races. The last few boats were very close in the racing and the final points but still very pleased with my performance.

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