Rolling Rig

After my experience with locks and portage with Iki Wa’a in his lug rig setup I wanted something easier. The brief was a single spar and sail as a complete kit. Rolling a straight leeched triangle sail world give about 1.4 sq meters. Not enough. So to keep the mast manageable I decided on sprit style battens that could roll around the mast. The sail ended up with about 2 sq meters, ideal.

A tarp was purchased for the sail, about £5 and rods from Roman blinds would be the battens £10 (4 off x 3meters). Annoyingly Amazon don’t give the diameter but I took a punt. The battens are about 4mm diameter and a glass fibre extrusion. I thought 2 each side of the sail would be good. I figure the key to it holding the head would be tension in the sail caused by the battens. To enable this I used webbing sewed as a pocket near the luff and as a tension system at the head. I was too lazy to sew batten pockets so the line of the battens has eyelets and the battens tie wrapped together through the eyelets.

Holding the mast horizontally and pulling the clew the sail does appear to set well, time on the water is needed to test.

Initially the rolling around the mast was difficult to get started. I then added an extra piece of webbing to the luff end of the battens and took this around the mast. This was then screwed to the mast.

Rolling now appears good, not as tight at the head but think with rig actually in the canoe and some tension on the clew this will improve.

It is wet and windy here so I think testing will have to wait, hopefully next weekend


    • No not glued, professional double sided carpet tape, really sticky stuff. It was a the method recommended on a website. I then cover the joint with duck tape, this time clear. I always keep the luff an original edge of the tarp and then cut the leech. The sails eventually fail around the eyelets but never had any issues with the carpet tape coming undone. When I sail has reached the end of its life I have tried pulling the carpet tape joints apart- they don’t budge


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