Better video

I needed to be in for some workmen and so I had be anchored to the house day and took a day off work.

Jobs on the house , few bits on Iki Wa’a including a better camera mount. It took a good two hours and still not perfect but as the previous post shows not bad in terms of framing the canoe in action.

I wanted a wider view, would have liked to be able to turn on and off on the water but stepping ashore to do this not a big issue

Just some simple photos of what I did

Over view of first attempt
First attempt close up, knitting needle stabilises, suction mount adds elevation, it kept falling over.
Overview attempt two
Bungee strap at end
Tube elevates and stabilises, joint lashed because it adds adjustment


  1. I’ve yet to find a good way to mount the GoPro. If I put it too far forward it accentuates the zig-zag from paddling. I tend to resort to a pole with a base plate which I can clamp in various positions. Remote controller v. useful, I guess you use one too.


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