Single blade up the Goring Gap

A month ago I did a trip with some Song of the Paddle guys on the Basingstoke canal. These guys where proper canoeist and so I felt I had to single blade. Did ok with my old dinghy paddle and so asked for a new paddle for my birthday. A Grey Owl Plume was excitedly unwrapped and tested on the Thames that day, the St Patrick’s Stream, Lodon and Thames loop.

Last Saturday I wanted a more serious trip and put it at Pangbourne and headed up towards Goring. I took it easy and practiced the J stroke which I fell I have the hang of but watching a few YouTube (other Tubes are available) I can still improve. I have fixed together four yoga blocks 2 x 2 as a seat which is superb.

I did the total distance of 6.4 miles in about 4 hours of paddling but was taking it easy and enjoying the scenery, which at times was stunning.

The wind was a little fresher than forecast but was soon paddling in a T shirt in the heat, moments later it poured with rain and sleet, my trousers speckled with ice – it was May.

As a approached Goring there was a nice beach and I decided it was dinner time.

A streak, potato salad and a bottle of Proper Job was fantastic, I was a little shocked when I turned around and saw I had an audience.

The return was easy with the flow and a little tail wind, the sun was starting to set and the light was glorious.

Anyway a good trip and looking forward to a bit more single blade paddling.


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