I took Friday off as a days holiday, started with nip to my favourite independent cafe for a bit of planning, a double espresso and gluten free brownie

I started by making lots of reinforcement blocks cut from what I think in teak

This is inside the bow tank and the fixing for the forward cleat.
This is the cleat in position, as with all the pictures extra thread will be removed after final fitting

Not quite chronological but makes sense feature wise

Four deck eyes that will have lanyards spliced to them and be used to tie down the anchor and rode etc
The blocks that will help spread the load, a line will run after from these deck eyes to lash ‘stuff’ to

Though it didn’t leak the hole for the centre board pivot looked rather poor so blocks where glued either side

Though it wasn’t quite as tidy I wanted inside the bow fitting is considerably stronger than when I bought the boat, two self tapping screws were all that held the mast up

Inside view, tested after this picture and 25mm penny washers will fit and add even more security
The deck view, fair leads probably a little big

Obviously I had removed part of the foredeck and the cut line needed closing up with tape. Not the easiest job but a pre wetted out the tape and my head just fits through the hatch hole

Hard to see but there is one layer of 1 inch Kevlar and one layer of 2 inch glass
At the same time the gap was filled with epoxy and colloidal silica, the gap isn’t as big as it looks I had Dremeled a chamfer on each edge.

One job I had been rather nervous of was fitting the rowlock sockets but a 22mm bit and a little Dremeling and I was pleased with the results. A block of wood had been glued in previously.

Finally the aft cleats which where through bolted, wood blocks had previously been glued in

Looks a little close to the corner but enough for a 10mm rope – it’s a big cleat

Doesn’t quite feel like two days of work but the devil is in the detail

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