First coat on thwarts, gunwale foredeck etc

Is was a nice sunny day yesterday so took the boat outside and sanded the areas filled in the week and did I bit more filling. I could carry on with this for another month but ….

The boat and boat shed got a good vac and the boat washed with sugar soap again

Not perfect but compared to 6 weeks ago some good progress.

I’m doing very with the hull, don’t want to be over protective running her up the beach. The skeg and one of the bilge runners did need attention. The last 6 inches of the brass rubbing strip had broken off. I cut some stainless to length and hot glues this in position.

The damage hadn’t gone through the gell coat

I applied a liberal amount of epoxy colloidal silica to fill in the gaps, the triple layer of Kevlar on the skeg and wrap around on the corner. This was covered with glass tape and consolidated with peel ply and tape.

Looks a mess but….
Very pleased with the results

Sunday went racing in the Laser but with lack of wind came home early itching to paint.

Pleased with the first coat.

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