Well it makes me very happy

As I have not been 100% due to pre-Christmas cold I have put my self on light duties since returning from Norfolk. As I have moved 3 times in four years, and other move in the future I’ve lived a long time in a state of partial unpacked.

So time get organised.

Magnetic wall

As I can’t screw stuff to my rental hanging magnets appears a workable solution. I also have a multiple draw tool box for other tools.

Labelled boxes with lids

One side of the garage has a long trestle table, literally two trestles suspending a top of multiple lengths of studding timber. Plenty of storage below (height is the secret of good storage) on top two sizes of tubs each with a lid, contents labelled plus indication of weight. A little bit tape on the lids I’m all ready to move again. It’s slightly cumbersome to get stuff from the bottom box but a minor inconvenience.

Gull stuff

The other side has all my Gull stuff ready to do, I’m still sorting it out but should soon be grab and go. I’ve done similar in the sailing kit room (a tiny box room full of waterproofs, wetsuits etc) one end is grab a go for cruising the other racing.


This is in a little room between the lounge and kitchen. All the sailing spares, fixings etc sorted and accessible. Similarly sorted the in the car spares and Gull toolbox for repairs on the go.

I have a lot of sails in the garage but keep my main sails in the lounge, free from damp and easy access.

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