3 x 3

image image image

3 hours on the canoe 3 hours sailing, happy days.

Removed all the tie wraps, turned her over and fill / bonded the remaining external seams. One seam, about 6 inches near the bow, had shifted and I was not happy with it. Considered filling the fault but finally decided to cut through the epoxy and I will reglue next time. Other than that I am very pleased with the shape of the hull, looks very good in my opinion. Now I have a stable hull I was able to weigh her 7kg, I still have plenty to add but 7kg sounds encouraging. On the down side West filleting powder and epoxy make the hardest substance known to man and I see a lot of sanding in my future.

Built time total 28 hours

Epoxy total 462ml

So after that up to the Dam and three races in the Streaker in a gusty F3/4, kept upright and happy with my performance though still mid fleet and can’t catch the old hands in newer boats. I am getting better and have an old wooden, heavy, boat, excuses, excuses….

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