Iki Wa’a

Have been out twice and decided on a name


Iki Wa’a, Hawian for small canoe.

Friday, went out on the Dam with my daughter on her SOT, was a bit blustery but he showed no vices. I tried a self rescue from capsize. Flipping him over dry was easy but as a tried to get back on board the opposite gunwale cracked me right on the eye. The Kevlar give me a nasty cut and now have a black eye.

Over the weekend I added some oak rubbing plates on the gunwale where they land on the roof rack. Also found a U shaped plastic extrusion to cover the central section of the gunwale which with the Kevlar was razor sharp. Also invested in a Palm paddle float and added attachment bungee and rope for the paddle.

Today, itching to get out on the river I designed him for so I went out on the Tees

We have been hit by storm Katie and the reach was very windy and on the nose. I wasn’t making much progress and as I still have to test the self rescue it was a short trip. That said I am loving – bit obsessed by this wonderful little craft, has eclipsed the design brief.

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