Iki Wa’a developments

33C31E73-118D-4F41-B30B-FC01820DBD43966C5D4C-A04B-4235-8BE4-9E61718B44E2C2954AE6-F5BB-4BFE-8DCD-B5068E066ECE7EC75E5A-2CB8-4008-A208-0EC3B2524FC0I am finally able to get on with some development work on Iki Wa’a

The concept is to not to permanently add much to my 12’ x 30” canoe to keep the purity of the paddling canoe. What I am working on is a proof of concept model. I have some good ply to make a ‘proper job’ of the design including outriggers when I am happy with the design.

Next week my daughter is at the Optimist Nationals in north Wales and while she is sailing I will develop the concept. They go out for a good 4 or 5 hours so lots of sailing time for me in a lovely bay.

Here are a few pictures of prep work I did today. The mainsheet now runs ice boat style leading from the mast, thick read rope. Also the halyard is cleated on the board partner and can be raised and lowered from the helming.
Completed the outriggers, yes very Heath Robinson but will get remade in ply once happy with the buoyancy. Added side and aft struts to stop and toe in of the floats. Still very quick to assemble.



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