Test sail report

This is from the sail at Scaling Dam but thought I should review it and say what done.


✔️ floats behaved impeccably, simply provided the extra security I wanted

✔️ sailed upwind with good manners, with the board straight up and down he tracked upwind fine with the steering oar (paddle) out of the water (worked best with oar to leeward). Occasionally it would head up and a quick dip of the oar would correct it.

✔️ tacking was easy, if unusual, pull the board so it went angled forward, canoe would go head to wind, quick single stroke of the oar took the bow through the wind, return board to vertical. I do have rudder that could be fitted easily but considering the narrow river where I want to sail I think I will keep the oar.

✔️ assembled quickly and easily.


✖️ one of the floats tried to toe in when pressed, this only happened on one side but I think it was a combination of the float pivot being too flexible (joint made with tiewraps and tape) and too far forward. I added fore and aft brace lines and this cured this. ACTION – see previous post struts added

✖️ mainsheet traveler prevented the boom being pulled in enough

did not like to go off wind, this was better when I heeled to lee ward. ACTION – new iceboat style mainsheet

Picture from a few days ago out on Ullswater (photo credit Andy Young)

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