Iki Wa’a completes his design brief

Iki Wa’a my 12′ x 30″ canoe was designed and built to explore the rive Tees.

He has now traveled, over many trips, the whole navigable non tidal Tees suitable for a small open canoe. There are probably areas in the upper Tees where kayaking is possible but that is not what Iki Wa’a is for.

Yesterday I had an awesome day on the river Tees with Andy Young. Lower Dinsdale to the bottom on Andy’s road (down stream of Yarm), 12 miles in four hours helped by wind and flow. Iki Wa’a survived shooting another weir, something that only is required when Andy is about. The river downstream of Dinsdale is probably some of the prettiest with steep banks of mixed woodland. Further down stream it opens up to farmland and the ever present Snap Willow. We even managed a pint in Yarm without falling in.

Apart from the the odd scratch on the bottom the lightly build Iki Wa’a has held up without any issues and proved a capable little craft.

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