Iki Wa’a – Sailing?

Over the summer I had four days of testing Iki Wa’a as a sailing canoe with the help of a test pilot, not yet the complete package but here is a video and some thoughts


General conclusion

◦ Works well with smaller floats angled up. This allows weight steering and kiting off wind. Gybe scary with this configuration

◦ Skeg helped off wind but weight and board steering lost sensitivity and could not be tacked effectively without using paddle

◦ Performance improved with crew further back / weight in back – approximately 3 inches down by stern good

◦ Ice boat style sheeting works well, very easy to trim sheet as it comes right in front of helm

◦ Paddle is too cumbersome to be practical

◦ Position of board relative to mast works well.


◦ Use on IC rudder to test, push pull with friction lock

◦ Turn hull around, this allows crew weight aft and attach mast and aka to existing yoke. Could return to permanent leeboard bracket.

That was all written shortly after the tests and I am now reflecting on whether I want to continue with this development.

My thoughts are partly based on my recent canoe trip and partly due to a change in circumstances and general thoughts on sailing.

  • As a family we are relocating probably to north Hampshire
  • Over the summer I have become disenchanted with competitive sailing
  • I will use this opportunity to dinghy cruise, probably buying a Gull Sailing dinghy
  • Where Sailing is possible on rivers the Gull will be more than capable of some good mini adventures.
  • There are many more rams in my new cruising area so dinghy cruising will be easy
  • A pure paddling canoe will be very good for exploring the upper reaches of rivers and the smaller local rivers near our house
  • Practically time wise I cannot see me ever further developing the sailing canoe

So rather than fill another garage with stuff that I don’t need and to simplify everything the sailing kit for Iki Wa’a not be traveling south. I think I can better invest time and money in dinghy cruising.

I am very happy with the developments I did with the sailing rig but still think there a probably a long way to go before I have a craft that can be confidently used in wide range of conditions

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