Last afternoon of furlough

My last afternoon of furlough and it’s raining so an afternoon on iki wa’a.

Yesterday’s work went well with some small areas that needed filling. Tiny bits like this I fill with Everbuild filler.

Now I never do it on my racing dinghy but I came across it on a canoe build blog. There are small areas of the hull of iki wa’a was filled with this and they have stood up to five years of use without issue. By the time I’ve sanded back the amount added will be grams and it much easier than epoxy.

I’ve messed about with epoxy, boat building and repair for thirty years and finish and though, ‘oh I should have done that bit’ etc. So genius two lists, one for pure epoxy and one for filler.

Not surprising lots of little jobs done plus the front tank bulkhead and front coaming of the rear tank .

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