3 in one

At the start of lockdown I returned to the concept of tacking proas, this time a dinghy cruising version. As it developed it has become an as yet incomplete concept.

  • Two section for easy of storage and transportation
  • Mode one – as the picture, inland sailing mode
  • Mode two – remove sail and outrigger inland canoe
  • Mode three – remove sail and add centre section for a sea going outrigger canoe, probably with a smaller sailing rig

Anyway still plenty to do on this one


  1. Very similar in concept to the W’aapaa of Gary Dierking? I built 3 sections, each 8 feet long, though usually just use the bow and stern sections as outrigger sailing canoe.


    • My second proa was a square section before I knew who Gary was, I think it is just practical. Since then I have obviously have been inspired by Gary in particular the sectioning of his proas.


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