Improvement to canoe seat – two years on

For my 12’ x 30 home design and built canoe I use a SOT type strap in seat. Comfortable enough but could be better.

Two years ago a added customised bottom cushion and lumber support.

Underside of cushion

I wanted holes to relieve the pressure on the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. I say on a chair on foil to get the exact position right for me, the picture tell the story after that.

Dimples in the foil where holes would be cut

The actual pad is made from garden centre kneeling pads with a layer of camping mat on the top.

Them I used web data to make a lumbar support, with multiple layers of camping mat to get a 3D shape. It then simply Velcros onto the proprietary seat and works well.

Lumber support
Many hours of comfortable paddling

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