Is you boat man enough?

Here in the western world we always assign a female gender to ships and boats. There are many theories as to why but a protective mother is one of the more politically correct.

My boats are always male.

For a long time I was obsessed with Proas, like a catamaran but one hull smaller and always stays to windward. In Polynesian culture boats are always male. So my Waka (canoe) is male despite having roots in Victorian England

Iki wa’a

How accurate the name translates is probably questionable, simply based on internet research but Iki wa’a I believe means small canoe.

My boats that did have Polynesian roots however had very boring names TP01, TP02 and I’m sure you can guess the third – TP bit was Tink Proa


I read that the sailing legend Paul Elvstrom never named his boats, to him they where just tools and emotional attachment would soften how you treated the boat. He famously kicked in part of the deck when racing to repair something he couldn’t access. So my racing dinghies have never had names.

Paul Elvstrom

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