The Shellback a an eleve foot two inch piece on pure art designed by Joel White

Today this video appeared of FB of a very nice build

Like many boats from the USA they have the minimal amount of internal clutter, no buoyancy and no seats though people do add them.

A while back a guy who’s web page is flo-mo laid out a modified Shellback to be made from 2 sheets of plywood.

flo-mo’s site is well worth looking at

Anyway I have played with the design added tanks and all sorts of other stuff. This is a design with offset dagger board trunk to allow sleeping in the bottom and a modest bow tank

The case looks a tad to far back but otherwise I like it. The one concern about the offset board is righting from one tack but righting lines would help.

I’m not sure about the sitting in the bottom, the people that use thick portable cushions and don’t knock something until you tried it.

To keep it simple removable buoyancy bags that could be replaced with watertight bags full of camping gear is probably enough

Anyway still just dreaming but it would make a nimble camping cruiser.

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