Revealing from the peel

Always love removing the peel ply and seeing how the previous nights work has set.

This is the mast tube for Iki Wa’a which is a tube of ABS, ply foot and tows of carbon. The carbon was pre wetted on the bench and the one end in the vice twisted to a yarn. In our move south the glass sheet I normally pre wet out on was a casualty so I used parcel tape on cardboard.

There is tape under that lot

It looks like there is a lot of resin gone to waste but the batch mixed was on 10 grams and some of that was used as filler. Though the pre wet out method may look wasteful you get a great wet out and all the resin not in the wet out is left on the table not adding gloop and weight to the canoe.

With the peel ply of looks fantastic, and feels so strong.

Still undecided on the rig definitely not more than a couple of square meters and thinking Balanced Lug this morning. Have adjusted my mind set to not focus on one rig but think of it as a way of testing different rigs. Thinking boom less standing rig in the time I have written this.

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