A few favourites

Ultimately it would be my Bosch Cordless drill because it’s is such a brilliant work horse but outside the standard tools I have some favourites

Stanley Trimming plane, just wonderful at getting plywood down to size or removing corners

Still with Stanley – Hand Sander, simply better that using something electric, removes material quickly and keeps it flat

But before I sand if I can scrape a bit off first why not, love these with the replaceable carbide blade, very easy to adjust how much pressure you apply and control what you are removing

My daughter asks why I have multiple offset ratchet screwdrivers, simply have different bits in them, not just screwdriver bits but hex / Allen key bits and hex sockets also. Helps you in awkward places but also gives plenty of torque and obviously ratchets

Finally I love speed clamps, one handed operation and I find I’m using the vice less and less and clamping to end of the bench more and more

I could go on, Japanese pull saws, micro plane rasp, chisels, Bosch cordless glue gun, ratchet spanners, but I’ll just end up listing most of my tools

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