53 boats

Fantastic day, great breeze probably about 10 knots most of the time, with a few good gusts and a very heavy rain shower.

Our third post COVID pursuit race with 53 boats on the results and a few more probably. The 42nd doesn’t really tell the story. I was up racing with people who where dots in the distance before.

Mistakes, leeward mark again, it was a tricky downwind start and to risk not being over started high. Very quickly released the error of this when I released how far outside I would have to go.

This situation repeatedly happened and further compounded the hurt when out of the mark you’re pinned and can’t tack when you want to. One time driving me the wrong side of the island which didn’t pay off for anyone.

Anyway it was a cracking day and just got to become more confident to get the inside track. Partly I think it is lack of understanding of the rules. Interpreting what rule applies in a split second is very difficult.

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