Passing all expectations

Further to yesterday’s post tested Iki Wa’a MKIV today. Simply awesome, better than I could have possibly imagined.

  • Paddles with ease with the rig down.
  • Hassle free from boatshed to lake and back, very little more work the canoe in paddle mode which was the design brief.
  • Scoots along under sail fantastically, had a spell using the single blade, probably could get a bit further up wind but found weight steering far more effective.
  • No board and will easily sail across the wind and relatively close to the wind. Need to plot the actual angles but I returned under sail to the lee shore – wasn’t expecting that. Iki Wa’a has quite fine ends and a pronounced first chine which will a bit of heel grips the water well – leeboard not required for what I want to do with him.

Video in the light stuff (had my phone out without any case) but was regular 10knots at other times and at no point did I feel out of control. Because I was weight steering was able to almost lie down and so very low weight.
Any hoo, a great afternoon

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