Iki Wa’a MkIV

Iki Wa’a has had a number of guises:

  • Just paddling
  • Leeboard and sail
  • Leeboard, sail and outriggers (Trimaran)

The point of him is however simplicity. As my adventures are mainly on rivers and going to windward is always going to be better under paddle. So now a relatively small down wind sail.

The plan would be keep the mast up and raise and lower the balanced lug as required. Tried it all out on land and all works well.

Sail stowed with bungee for paddling

The mast can do indefinite rotations so rather than having to gybe the sail can go forward of the mast feathered and the be pulled to the new gybe, all safe and simple. I have fitted hooked clam cleats on the gunwale but the release very easily.

Main sheet cleat

Anyway, the plan is a first sail tomorrow

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