Weight target one year on

A year a few days ago I reached my target weight for the Streaker 73kg, so what has happened in a year.

Quickly the sailing bit; the Streaker has been replaced by a Laser. An over weight wood Streaker at a club with mainly sub 12 knots of wind and all year sailing was never going to work. So sailing a Laser being underweight was the bandit plan.

Back to the Keto, my weight loss continued and as I wasn’t impressed with body composition let it. Then COVID-19 hit and I figured a bit more weight would help so actively eased off a bit and let the weight drift up to 75, better for the Laser and naively I figured fat would help if I got COVID. With more information about COVID realised my error and took it a bit more seriously. About summer time I discovered Ted Naiman and the P:E diet; higher protein and high intensity training.

Slowly increased protein and reduced fat and the weight drifted down again. Recently I have been focused on the exercise having read Body by Science and Power of Ten.

Essentially very low speed to failure whole body exercises, once a week. Have also added low carb carbs into my diet, mainly potatoes and pees. The weight is about 71kg and still dropping. Body composition is improving from once a week extremely hard exercises. Relaxed and seeing where this journey takes me.

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