The Gym

As in my last post enjoying and seeing the results from slow single sets as per Body by Science and Power of Ten and P:E diet

So what do I do? Pull ups using a bar

Only able to one rep at 10 seconds up 10 seconds down with this so to pull downs with resistance bands. These are fixed up in the high up into apex of the roof

Next classic press-ups but from the knees to get slow enough. Then rowing, overhead, lats, with dumbbells.

The thing I’ve been having problems with is loading enough when doing squats. Tried dumbbells but after all the upper body work my arms gave out. Next tried a weighted bar but close to failure felt very unsafe. I have watched a few videos of Doug Brignole and want to try a cable squat, so this afternoon have built a cable pull.

Still in recovery from yesterday’s work out but seams to work well.

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