Tracking – Cronometer

I used to track with cabmanager but they updated it and it became very sluggish and just to very easy to use so time for a change. Tried MyFitnessPal, not impressed. Via a FaceBook group I was recommended Cronometer.

What can I say, just a simply awesome app. Clear, intuitive and lots of customisable features, targets and charts etc. It also imports from my Fitbit and that data can be incorporated into the charts. That’s not all, fasting is also ease to track and adds as a grey bar on the charts.

This all serendipitously alignment with me listening to some Marty Kendall podcasts,

Marty’s thoughts align very much with Ted Naiman, both engineers, like myself, so a data driven quest to answer why? Both focus is on nutrient density and while Ted focuses on Protein ratio vs energy density Marty focuses on the micronutrients, from whole foods, which leads to satiety in a similar way to higher Protein. So combining with Cronometer working to run down my supplement supplies and introduce whole foods.

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